Having been in the video production business for over 20 years, Alta Productions knows exactly what people want to see. With a wealth of experience derived from being one of the longest-running production houses in Singapore, Alta Productions and its staff are adept at crafting a video or a program of almost any genre.

The company’s experience in the field is accompanied with expertise and a desire to provide their clients with a desirable product. This process is made easier for Alta Productions, as they are able to accomplish every single step of making a corporate video or tele-documentary program in-house – from writing scripts, to filming on location, to editing and post-processing. They also have an office in the Philippines which provides them with post-production support – post-processing, motion graphics and 3D productions.


The company specializes in making corporate and marketing videos, educational and training videos, event and launch videos and online viral videos for corporations and companies, Over the 20 years of experience in the media industry, founders and directors C.K. Chan & Michael Chua have seen the way people consume media content change visibly over the years. The length of videos has diminished, as clients are looking for more concise and compact formats. Furthermore, the demand for cross-platform media has increased, prompting Alta Productions to create more videos for online consumption. As such, it is typical for them to produce several versions of the same video, meant to be consumed on several different platforms and screen sizes.

STEP 1 - Pre-Production

It is of utmost importance to plan a video production shoot and work out a viable production schedule. Logistical planning such as casting and script approval will usually take up the bulk of the time spent on the project. Our team of producers, copy-writers, and directors will work closely with our clients to ensure the client is satisfied with the outcome.

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‘Talent without a team is dead.’ This fact is so apparent in film-making that many successful directors strive for an excellent team that they can trust and collaborate with to make their vision a reality. Having a pre-production meeting with the key creatives or department heads is crucial to ensure that the crew is in tune with the vision of the film.

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Often with many drafts and multiple inputs from the creatives and clients, storyboarding gives us all a clearer picture of how the vision is to unfold. Words on a page become visuals on a moodboard. Every scene and every shot is given an illustration or a visual reference, specifying important information such as period, location, props and cast required.

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As its name entails, a script will detail what appears visually in words. Every thing that will be narrated and information that will be shown on screen will be on a script. It is the best and most efficient way of starting to sketch a story and plot. It is the blueprint of an engaging product.

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Usually overseen by a casting agency, a casting director or even the director himself, casting decides who will appear and speak in the scene to ensure the film is engaging and lives up to its promises.

Casting is a crucial process and can make or break a film production if not done methodically.

STEP 2 - Video Production

After meticulous scheduling and organization, the project goes into its production stage. Shot lists are created and ready for execution, equipments are rented and quality checked if necessary, and call sheets sent out to coordinate the various teams for the days and scenes to be filmed. Depending on resources at hand and the scene required, filming can be executed at a location or a studio over the course of a few days. To enhance our shots, we utilize a variety of equipments, each with a specific function that adds to the film production. Amongst our tools are; Osmos, aerial drones, our very own Posmo, and our T-Boxes for capturing timelapse.

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Filming Drones

Drone filming has recently been highly sought after in the video production industry. They provide a bird's eye aerial perspective, adding large panoramas and landscapes into the stories that they capture. Skyshot is equipped with the filming drones such as the DJI Inspire 2, Phantom 4 Pro and the Mavic Pro 2. We have our own full-time UAV pilot to take on our aerial filming projects.

Alta-video production - stabilised camer

Stabilized Camera

Ever dreamed of getting that steady and professional shot? Want to remove the shakiness of an uncontrollable hand movement or footstep? We begin by using the DJI Osmo & Ronin in many of our recent film productions. The Osmo is capable of balancing out every handheld shot without the use of heavy and bulky Steadicams or Glidecams. We have in our arsenal the Ronin, Osmo Pro, X5 Raw, and X5.

Alta-video production - timelapse titan2

Time-lapse Camera

With our TBox Time-lapse Cameras, we are able to capture time-lapses for months to even years, capturing crucial moments in construction and engineering. Timelapse production is time-consuming and requires an efficient post-production workflow to enable mote productive edits. Ever since we incorporated our T-Box systems to our time-lapses, we have been able to get higher resolution images and longer, clearer time-lapses. Find out more about Skyshot Time-lapse services here.

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Photo & Video Studio

At 475 sq feet, our studio is suitable for video interviews, portraits shoots, and product shoots. We have a waiting area, changing room, make-up room & pantry area. Our multi-purpose studio can also fit a family for photography. Situated in the heart of Singapore near Boon Keng MRT, our studio is also open for studio rental. Our award-winning team has produced many studio-based video productions, including interviews, music videos, instructional and product videos. 

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Tethered Drone

Conventional drones have 2 major weaknesses such as limited flight times and restrictions over certain airspaces in Singapore such as nearby airports. Powered from the ground up by a portable battery pack, our tethered drone has a persistent power supply for extended flight time. It is well suited for aerial building inspections, security operations and other assignments where continuous operation is crucial. Visit our sister company, Skyshot Singapore for more information.

remote filming in singapore with alta pr

Live Stream & Remote Filming

Livestreaming and entered the mainstream with most events going live on Youtube and Facebook to capture a bigger audience worldwide. Our video filming studio in Singapore is equipped to handle single or multi-camera setups. Our clients rely on us to webcast their product launches, panel discussions, webinars, and announcements.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the worldwide flight restrictions in place for the foreseeable future, Remote Filming is has become the new norm. Connected to our clients via online meeting platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, our clients can participate in the shoot virtually. 

STEP 3 - Post Production

After the completion of the principal shoot, the next and final stage of the video production process is post-production. A typical 2-minute video will take about a week of work to get the first draft completed, depending on the treatment of the video and its contents. Post-production involves video editing, animation, motion graphics, coloring, digital effects, sound design, voiceovers and background music. 

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Video Editing

After principal photography, the raw footage will be brought to our editor to begin editing properly. Animations, voiceovers, music, and color grading of the eventual product will be added according to the concept treatment.

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Graphics & Animation

Some ideas cannot be fully realized solely on life filming.  Some treatments and concepts are best appreciated and or communicated via graphical animations. Ranging from infographics to motion graphics, animation brings a video project to life. Usually, more of a commonplace in government, engineering, and construction videos, graphical animations not only breathe life into lackluster segments but can also emphasize various important elements.

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Music & Sound

A well-crafted video comprises of creative visuals and well composed and edited background music to create an emotional pace while complimenting the visuals. Our background audio can either be composed specifically for the project or sourced from our music library.

Alta-video production - sound icon.png


Varying on the treatments of the different videos, voiceovers are added to give narration into deeper insights and add greater explanations into the background of each scene. At times, it is used to enlighten the video and help scenes transit more fluidly from one to another. We have worked with many exceptional voice-over talents over the years. We recommend only the best and most suitable ones depending on the style and tone of the video project.