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livestreaming setup in a studio


Organizations can use live broadcasts to advertise, boost and maximize communication with their clients and target demographic. It doesn’t matter if the service is required by companies or individuals. Live streaming offers a platform and opportunity to influence and communicate with more people worldwide.

A plus point of capitalizing on live streaming versus organizing physical events is that physical event pax is restricted to the event venue space itself. A live streaming host can invite an unlimited amount of their targeted demographic to “participate” in their event. This will be much more productive and convenient for an audience to attend online across the globe.

Thanks to the wonders of live streaming, these group events can be easily accessible to anyone anywhere in the world remotely via live online streaming.

From a company’s standpoint, using live streaming as a platform pushes it forward into the future as a technologically savvy organization that implements innovative solutions that are fast and convenient for its clients. Furthermore, as customers’ wants and needs are constantly changing, the live streaming platform allows a company to easily customize the viewing experience to meet the demands of its diverse consumers and access an even broader demographic base globally. 

Alta Productions- live stream to youtube

Livestream on Social Media

With the increase in demand for video content in digital marketing, live streaming can act as a tool to produce fast and relevant content for the web with greater efficiency and immediacy. By broadcasting live events, brands and companies can now interact with their target audience through social media streaming platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Vimeo, and such.

Uses for Livestream

Currently, organizations, publishers, show organizers, training institutions and even places of religious worship are making use of live streaming to disseminate their content into the world. By setting up a workflow to interact with their audience during a live event, live streaming immediately transforms into an effective tool for two-way communication. 

  • Product Launch

  • Live Event or Show

  • News Feed

  • Training and Demonstration

  • Talkshow & Entertainment

  • Interview and Discussion

  • Speech and Announcement

  • Sermons and Worship Service

  • Panel Discussion

  • Sports Commentary

live streaming with atem mini


Live Edit & Encode


alta video livestream webcast process

Single or Multicam Setup

Vision & Audio Mixer with Encoder. Broadcast Quality Output

Watch on any Devices &

Live on Multiple Platforms.

How We Do It

Firstly, we record the live event with a single or multi-camera set-up, depending on how elaborate the project is or needs to be. The audio and video feeds are then connected into a vision mixer, along with our client's logos, graphical elements, or animations, etc.

We use the vMix pro software vision mixer, or the Atem Mini Pro, for most of our live-streaming projects. It is a professional-grade software that allows multiple switch inputs, mix audio, record outputs, and Livestream cameras, videos files, audio, and more, in resolutions of up to 4K.

Concurrently, a master copy of the video (in broadcast quality) is recorded into a portable hard disk for our client's future use. With a stable internet connection, the live feed is then transmitted to one or more online platforms that our clients chose. We often live-stream to Youtube, Facebook Live, Instagram & Twitch. The audience member just has to log in and they can begin watching the live feed almost instantaneously.


vMix- Alta Productions for livestreaming

We create professional live video productions using vMix.

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Alta Studio Specifications

Alta Studio Singapore - dimensions
alta studio for filming & event space rental - sitting area
Alta Studio Singapore - makeup area
alta studio for filming & event space rental - studio space.

Professional Crew & Studio & Equipment

Our studio provides cutting-edge technology and the latest industry-standard equipment to assist your production needs. With a professional and experienced in-house team, we are able to assist you with the onsite or studio production demands. The team can create visual works for TV, websites, social media platforms, mobile, and screen-based devices. Knowing and understanding your video production requests would be essential for us to meet the works' expectations effectively. Some of these clients include BBC, ADM, Mind Valley, and Evans Media, based in Europe, America, and Asia. 

  • Fully air-conditioned rooms

  • Makeup / Changing room

  • Garment rack

  • Steamer & iron with ironing board

  • Free WiFi

  • Resting areas with sofas

  • 55 inch TV 

  • Pantry equipped with refrigerator and microwave

  • Water dispenser 

  • Fridge with assortment of drinks 

Video Production Rates


1 Cam - 4 Hrs

Package Includes

  • Studio Recording

  • 3 Men Crew - Producer, Cameraman, Tech Director

  • Video & Audio Equipment

  • Mixer & Encoder

  • Video Mastering to MP4

  • Livestream to 2 Platforms

  • Green Screen + $300

  • Tech Assistant + $350

  • Teleprompter + $150

  • Weekend + $400


2 Cam - 4 Hrs

Package Includes

  • Studio Recording

  • 5 Men Crew - Producer, 2 Cameramen, Tech Director, Tech Assist

  • Video & Audio Equipment

  • Mixer & Encoder

  • Video Mastering to MP4

  • Livestream to 2 Platforms

  • Green Screen + $300

  • Tech Assistant + $350

  • Teleprompter + $150

  • Weekend +$500


live stream
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The Star Vista on Facebook Watch

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A*Star Award (LIVE)

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