Alta Productions has more than 20 years of video production experience in Singapore. We specialize in studio-based shoots for corporate and TV clients. Some of these shoots include marketing videos, educational, training videos & music videos. From single-camera for video interviews to multi-camera setups for studio-based TV shows, we have the skillsets and knowledge to produce great studio video productions. Alta Productions is equipped with our own video production studio. The studio is suitable for video interviews, live streaming, webcast, and chroma-key green screen video production. Our studio rental is also available on an hourly or day rate.



A single-cam production is a straight forward single shot of a subject. Our capable in-house video production team is able to achieve a single camera production provided with the proper lighting setup according to the treatment of the video. For example, should you require a shot of a single subject on screen, talking directly to an audience, we would be able to execute it professionally and creatively.

For multi-cam production, 2 or more cameras would be set up for different angles and different shots that you will be able to play around with. These shots would be more flexible and creative, it would also work with more than 1 subject in the shot. From the equipment setup to the look and feel of the video in a multi-cam production, our knowledgable team will be able to accomplish the look and shots that you would want for your video. Through multi-cam production, we are also able to shoot a live event where multiple subjects need to be in the video, and intercutting from one camera to another would be easier and visually stimulating.






We provide live streaming services, streaming your video content via Facebook, youtube or to a secured online connection. We have video equipment and post-production software to support your webcasting needs. Whether it is a single camera or multi-camera approach, we can live stream via a password-protected network or worldwide viewable platform. Green screen (Chroma-key) is also available in our studio, should your production requires additional graphical effect like your company logo and, subtitling or presentation slides to be added during the live webcast. These services are useful for live-streaming interviews, speeches or video conferences for corporate seminars and training.


Green Screen Video Production

Chroma key compositing, or chroma keying, is a visual effects/post-production technique for compositing two images or video streams. This technique is used to remove a background from the subject of a video. The background, usually green is made transparent in post-production. This allows for a separately filmed background footage or graphical effect to be inserted into the scene. Green screen production is commonly used in the newscasting, video interviews, live-streaming and video productions with graphics / visual effects.

Professional Crew & Studio & Equipment

Our studio provides cutting-edge technology and the latest industry-standard equipment to assist in your production needs. It is also available for studio rental at a favorable rate. With a professional and experienced in-house team, we are able to cater and assist you with the production demands. The team can create visual works for TV, websites, social media platforms, mobile, and screen-based devices. Knowing and understanding your video production requests would be essential for us to meet the expectations of the works effectively.

Alta Studio Specifications

  • Fully air-conditioned rooms

  • Makeup / Changing room

  • Garment rack

  • Steamer & iron with ironing board

  • Free WiFi

  • Resting areas with sofas

  • 55 inch TV with AV entertainment system

  • Pantry equipped with refrigerator and microwave

  • Water dispenser 

  • Fridge with assortment of drinks 

Resting Area
Makeup Area

Convenient, Central Location

Our photo & video studio is situated at a central location just across Boon Keng MRT. whereby it is convenient and ideal for any commercial or private usage. With sufficient parking space and cargo lifts for ease of access and equipment handling, we provide the best value for money for studio-based video production in a convenient location.

Resting Area
Makeup Area

Comfortable Environment

Artists and clients spend long hours in our studio, so having a comfortable environment for your work is a must. You will have free access to the air conditioning units, and WiFi. We have a nice pantry area with a fridge, microwave oven, and water dispenser. There is also a waiting area with chairs and sofas with a 55 inch TV for video playback and AV entertainment system. The shooting area is also equipped with an audio system with a selection of CD player & radio.

Resting Area
Makeup Area
Best in Singapore Awards By The Fun Empi

Awarded Best in Singapore

Alta Productions Studio is awarded among the Best Photo / Video Studios in Singapore to "Capture Life's Moment" for 2020. We are honored to receive this award.   

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