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Studio Setup & Livestream Course for International French School

Alta Productions has been helping several organizations set up their media centers. One of our latest projects is a green screen / live-streaming studio for the International French School (IFS) in Singapore.

2 camera set with a teleprompter

The planning evolved over several months in early 2022, as we help the school work out its filming needs. IFS wanted to transform one of its classrooms into a media center. It will have a 2 camera set up to allow its students to film their school projects, including interviews, skits, and newsrooms. The cameras will be connected to a live-streaming workstation for online live-stream to platforms like Youtube, Zoom & Facebook.

The studio was constructed from May to August 2022, during the summer school holidays. The studio has 3 backgrounds, grey, black & green, to cater to different filming needs. Equipped with 2 Canon DSLRs, the cameras are connected to a Blackmagic Atem Mini Pro for Chroma-keying and live-streaming.

Live-streaming & chroma-keying with Atem Mini Pro

Once the setup was complete, we provided IFS with several media training sessions including the camera operations, lighting & green screen setups. Then, we provided classes for chroma-keying, multi-cam operations and live-streaming. The entire project was completed in October 2022.

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